Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop 15th – 20th May


I’m really excited to be taking part in another giveaway for Under the Covers Book Blog. The last time I took part the weather outside was cold, dank and snowy. Thank heavens the sun is shining now! To add a little extra steam to your summer I’ll be giving you a sneak peak of my new BDSM trilogy: the Mission Pleasure series.

First, let’s talk prizes 🙂

I will be giving away a bundle of my books to one lucky winner. The bundle includes my BDSM novella, Wicked Game & the gritty, futuristic novella, Darkness Comes. I’m also including a copy of my scorching hot quickie — At Their Command.

For a chance to win, just leave a comment below.

  • Please include your email address.
  • The giveaway is international.
  • Winner will be chosen at random after 11.59 on May 20th & announced within 24 hours.


Ahh, I do love that cover.

How do I tease you all without giving too much away? *winks*

The Mission Pleasure series is a BDSM trilogy. Linking the books is the deep bonds of friendship between the three ex-military heroes — Joshua, Alexander and Sebastian.

The three books in the series are:

Claiming Ruby

Taming Nora

Enslaving Dana

Do I have a favorite hero? Hmm, that would be telling!

Here is an exclusive sneak peek –completely unedited—excerpt from Claiming Ruby:

He pushed away from the frame, entered the room and draped his jacket over the back of a chair before sitting opposite her.

“You were quite mesmerizing, Miss…?”


He chuckled. The deep reverberations resonated on her clit. “Your real name.”

She stiffened, prickled at his question. “I’m afraid that’s none of your business.”

“Okay. Let me ask you something else. How long have you been a submissive?”

The word ‘submissive’ sounded obscene, as if he’d just whispered a filthy sentence in her ear. Why the fuck was she reacting this way?

“I’m not a submissive. It’s an act, Mr…?”

She threw his question back at him, trying to deter any more digging. It was none of his business what or who she was. Her performance was over. He didn’t need to know anything more about her.

“Quinn. Joshua Quinn.”

The name suited him.

“It’s an act, Mr. Quinn. An illusion. A performance that pays the bills.”

Yeah, right.

Well he didn’t need to know the truth. He was a stranger, a stranger who could get ideas and think she was up for grabs.

“Please, call me Joshua.” He stroked his jaw. “And I think that’s a lie.”

She lifted her chin. Did this stranger just call her a liar? Arrogant asshole. “Why do you think that?”

“Because I saw the way your nipples beaded to tight buds while you danced. Your lips parted and your eyes glazed over. Was your pussy wet too?”

 “I beg your pardon?” She practically choked out the sentence.

Shock, indignation and pure excitement slammed into her. No one had ever spoken so crudely to her. Heat spread, her pulse beat in her throat. He hadn’t moved, just sat there looking at her with a slight curve on his lips. She didn’t know whether to slap him or crawl into his lap and grind her mound on his groin.

“Apologies if I offended you.”

“I think you should leave.”

“I’ve didn’t mean to frighten you. I’m just curious.”

Ruby gathered her bag and stood up. “I’m leaving. Nice to meet you, Joshua.”

She rushed past him and bolted for the door.

“Stop.” He spoke the word with such authority.

She obeyed, stopped by the door and placed her hand on the wall to steady herself.

He moved behind her. He didn’t touch her, just stood against her back. His scent permeated her senses. His heat raised goose bumps on her skin.

She should walk away, leave the stranger and his searching questions. She couldn’t. It was if some invisible pull made her react to his words. Her blood sizzled. Despite the edge of fear, she’d never been so aroused.

“Don’t leave. I’ve scared you, it wasn’t my intention. Tell me your name.”

Her heart pounded. “Ruby. Ruby Romano.”

He nuzzled her neck, inhaled her scent. Moisture slithered between her thighs. Why was the gesture so erotic?

“Ruby. Pretty name. I’m usually good at this. Getting to know someone. Wooing. Seduction. You affect me, make me clumsy like a virginal schoolboy. I have to know. Are you a submissive?”

She managed to breathe out one word. “Yes.”

“Have dinner with me.”

13 thoughts on “Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop 15th – 20th May

  1. laura says:

    Love the excerpt. You are a new author for me and I cant wait to read your books. They all look so good to read.

  2. Stacey says:

    Love the sounds of the new series! Can’t wait to get them in my hot little hands 😉 Might even have to snuggle with the cover of Claiming Ruby! LOL


  3. Jessica B says:

    Very HAWT cover and loved reading the excerpt. Thanks for being a part of the hop and I hope that you have a great weekend!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

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