4 out of 5 for Claiming Ruby from Night Owl Reviews

Claiming Ruby received an excellent review from VRainey at Night Owl Reviews. So happy 🙂 





Ruby Romano is the owner and operator of a bookstore. She has a job that she loves and enjoys. She lives is an apartment on top of the bookstore. Ruby is a sub at heart but she keeps it buried deep down inside her after a failed attempt. Her trust was broken and Ruby does not think someone can gain it back. I loved that Ruby was average sized and not some skinny minny. She was also intelligent.

Joshua is a not just a Dom. He’s a man that goes after what he wants in life. Joshua did not start out wealthy. He earned every penny through hard work and diligence. Now that Ruby has caught his interest he is going to pursue her until she gives him a chance to show her he is the right man for her. I loved how persistent he was.

The chemistry between Joshua and Ruby is powerful. I can easily see why Ruby is so wary. The sex scenes were passionate and creative. They make a great couple and I loved how Joshua listened to Ruby’s body and not her words. Ruby could get frustrating because she continued to listen to her head instead of giving him a chance.

I found Claiming Ruby well written. It was a quick read at 113 pages. The main and secondary characters were appealing and realistic. Overall, this was a great book. I hope we get to see some of the secondary characters get their own stories in continuing books. This is the first in the Mission Pleasure series.

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