The Knights of Hell trilogy is complete! Binge read now!

I’m so excited to say that today is release day for Possession. The final part of Grace and Zeke’s story is now available to purchase on Amazon and it’s FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Purchase links: |

It’s been a wild ride and I have loved, loved, loved every single second of writing and sharing this trilogy with you. I’ve said it so many times, but Zeke and Grace hold such a special place in my heart. In a way, I’m sad their story is over, but now you all get to read it too – which makes me happy.

Although this is the end of Zeke and Grace’s story, I do intend to tell Rafe’s story. And write a short story with more from Kadence and Gabe.

To celebrate release day though, Mister Scarlett treated me to a cake from my favourite tea rooms, Betty’s. Isn’t it so pretty? Today will be spent celebrating and eating cake. Again. 🙂

If you’re interested in reading about hot bikers, below is the blurb for Possession and a first chapter preview.

Enjoy the ride!

“You want me to cut out my heart and offer it to you on a gold platter? I’d do it. I’d cut it out in a heartbeat if it would bring you back to me.”

Conclusion of the explosive, smoldering MC romance series.

After a brutal attack at the hands of a psychopath, Grace Burton is a shell of her former self. Estranged from the love of her life, MC President Zeke Knight, Grace is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, yet she can’t forget the gorgeous biker who stole her heart.

When a misunderstanding puts Grace back in Zeke’s orbit, sparks fly and they rekindle their relationship. Both of them know they cannot live without the other. But their happiness is dashed when the sins of the past come back to haunt them, threatening to bring their world crashing down around them and break them apart forever…

Grace and Zeke’s story begins in:
Sinful (book 1)
Taken (book 2)


Grace Burton looked at herself in the mirror. A ghost stared back at her—pale, sallow skin; blue eyes, dull and murky; hair, lank and straight. The bruises around her neck where Chinese assassin, Fan tried to strangle her into submission before raping her, had faded.

“Fuck,” she mumbled to the reflection she didn’t recognize.

It had been a month since she’d killed Fan. A month since she’d stabbed in the neck with a pair of box scissors. She winced as the memory of blood splattering everywhere played like a movie in her mind. Guilt bubbled, threatening to drag her under, consuming her.


She slammed her palm against the vanity, refusing to be sucked back into the wallowing darkness. She splashed water on her face. Tomorrow she’d start getting her life back on track.

Enough was enough.

She flipped off the bathroom light and padded into the bedroom. Grabbing her Kindle from the nightstand, she settled into the window seat. A good book full of cheese was just what she needed. Her breath caught when she saw Zeke Knight standing under the streetlight, leaning against the metal pole. He smoked a cigarette and stared up at her bedroom window. When their eyes met, a jolt of electricity ran through her, bringing to life her dormant body.

She ached for him. His touch. His smile. The male scent of him that drove her senses crazy. Grace swallowed and swore she could taste him.

Longing clawed at her belly like a feral beast. She loved Zeke and she missed the sexy biker who’d claimed her heart.

He threw his cigarette down, crushing it with his boot heel and moving forward before pausing. Panic beat wildly in her chest. Would he knock on her door tonight? Would she answer?

After what happened with Fan, she needed distance. She didn’t know if she’d ever be able to look at Zeke without thinking of that day. And that wasn’t fair. Not to him. He deserved to be with someone who wasn’t tainted with blood and death. Who didn’t look at him and think of destruction.

He waited outside, giving her the space to make the first move. Tears prickled at the back of her eyes. God, how she loved him. But they couldn’t be together. It would be best if they both moved on. She didn’t know if she’d ever be able to give him what he wanted.

Although it broke her heart, she turned from the window and got into bed. She plunged the room into darkness and pictured the hurt flashing through Zeke’s beautiful eyes.

When the tears spilled over, she let them.

Tomorrow she’d pick herself up and start again.


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