#SatSpanks – Claiming Ruby

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty rose

I’m taking part in the #SatSpanks hashtag today and sharing a spanking snippet from Claiming Ruby...


“Such a pretty ass.” He massaged her cheeks, his large hand warm against her skin.

He pinched the flesh and she yelped. The first sting of pain after years of nothing sent endorphins racing through her blood.

“Like that?” His husky tone betrayed his calm exterior.

A feminine thrill ran through her. She might not be model material but Joshua obviously found her attractive. She nodded. “Mmmm.”


The heavy thwack startled her. She hadn’t thought he’d start off so hard.

She blinked back tears. She would not cry.

“Such a fuckable ass. You should see how you’re blushing for me. So pink and pretty.” He soothed her heated cheeks by continuing the circular massaging motion. It eased the ache and calmed her nerves, gave her time to recover. “Do you want more, Ruby?”

She nodded, unable to do anything else. Pain gave way to intense pleasure. Her clit throbbed. She was so wet. Her breasts hung heavy and full.

“Ask me for more.” He dipped his fingers lower, stroked the seam of her slit.

“Please, please spank me again,” she begged in a whisper.


“You_re so beautiful. You_re flushing a gorgeous shade of red. Every Dominant in the club wants to fuck you tonight but you belong to me. I_m the only one fucking this pussy.”


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